Cyclo Dex


Cyclo Dex may help to:

• Support Lean Muscle Development and Strength Gains*

• Support Metabolizing Active Estrogens Into Inactive Estrogen Metabolites*

Cyclo Dex is our unique formula that is specifically designed to support an anabolic environment by assisting in the control of estrogen levels.*

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Infinite Labs Cyclo Dex has been scientifically formulated to optimize and enhance the anabolic environment by decreasing estrogen levels, which ultimately promotes increased levels of circulating testosterone. Cyclo Dex acts by metabolizing active estrogens into inactive estrogen metabolites, blocking estrogen, and by eliminating excess estrogen from the body. It integrates research-based, anti-estrogen ingredients that allow you to receive all of the anabolic benefits without the negative side-effects that are typical with increased levels of testosterone.*

Anti-Aromatase/Estrogen Management

The estrogen-blocking matrix in Cyclo Dex contains ingredients such as Diindolymethane (DIM) to further enhance the effects of circulating testosterone in the body. DIM is known for its ability to convert active estrogens into inactive estrogen metabolites. These metabolites essentially free up the testosterone molecule by separating them from the testosterone-binding proteins, such as sex hormone-binding globulin; this ultimately promotes the circulation of free testosterone. Along with DIM, Chrysin is also included in this matrix for its suggested role in limiting aromatase activity – the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Zinc has a reputation for being closely interrelated with testosterone and is suggested to safely support testosterone levels throughout the body, while Calcium D-Glucarate works to stabilize levels of estrogen. These, in combination with the natural testosterone-boosting effects of Japanese Knotweed Root, minimize the presence of estrogen molecules in the body and ultimately promote the utilization of testosterone.*

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