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Juggernaut X



Juggernaut X


JUGGERNAUT X is the ideal pre-workout supplement to support
your training intensity, strength, muscular endurance and stamina.*

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Juggernaut X

JUGGERNAUT X is the ideal pre-workout supplement to support your training intensity, strength, muscular endurance and stamina.* Specifically designed to support more oxygen and blood flow to the working muscles, Juggernaut X includes ingredients such as Citrulline, Agmatine Sulfate, CarnoSyn, Malic Acid, Caffeine, Tyrosine, and Creapure.* Our unique formula combines essential components that can support any type of athlete by assisting in everyday training sessions and overall fitness goals.*

JUGGERNAUT X may support:
• Muscular Strength & Power*
• Blood Flow & Muscle Pumps*
• Mental Focus & Energy*
• Muscular Stamina*
• Athletic Performance*

Directions: DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement for adults, mix one serving (1 Scoop) with 6 to 8 ounces of water. Best when used on an empty stomach approximately 15 to 30 minutes prior to training. Do not exceed recommended serving. To avoid sleeplessness, do not take within 4 hours of bedtime. All of our active ingredients and quantities are listed. No proprietary blends, pixie dusting, or “secret formulas”. Just the essentials for optimal performance, quality and value.*


Formulated for optimal performance.

We do not add the unnecessary just the essential for maximum effectiveness and value.*

  • Agmatine

    Agmatine is a unique supplement capable of providing enormous benefits to anyone looking to improve their mental and physical performance.*

  • Caffeine

    Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the western world. In addition to being a CNS stimulant, it has a variety of peripheral effects relating to muscle contraction, diuresis, gastric secretion, and lipolysis.*

  • Carnosyn Beta-Alanine

    Beta-alanine is an amino acid that, with the help of another amino acid called histidine, helps form a compound called carnosine in muscle. Carnosine, in turn, is one of the most powerful pH (acid) buffers known to operate in muscle during intense exercise.*

  • Citrulline

    Citrulline is included in this formula as a novel way to increase arginine as well as nitric oxide (NO). In the cells that line the blood vessels (endothelium cells), nitric oxide production causes vasodilation (opening of the vessels).*

  • Creapure Creatine

    Since 1992, over 300 research papers have been published on the effects of creatine as a muscle builder and performance enhancer. In general, the majority (~ 65-70%) of these clinical trials have found beneficial effects from creatine monohydrate supplementation, particularly during short, repeated bursts of high-intensity activity.*

  • L-Tyrosine

    There is evidence that tyrosine may benefit healthy individuals exposed to demanding situational conditions. Some have suggested that inadequate production of these hormones or transmitters could compromise optimal physical performance.*

  • Malic Acid

    Malic acid is a naturally occurring compound that plays a role in the complex process of deriving adenosine triphosphate (ATP; the energy currency that runs the body) from food. Proponents claim that malic acid can boost endurance during exercise and help fight off fatigue.*

  • Vitamin C

    Intense exercising spikes cortisol levels that can have a negative impact on testosterone levels over time and lead to long-term overtraining and suppressed increases in size and strength, which is something most athletes want to avoid. As vitamin C’s ability to suppress cortisol production is well documented many athletes will take some vitamin C (usually 1g) post workout.*